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Brussels Sprouts or Hot Cocoa?

Is it a too obvious question?

I asked because today (Jan. 31st) is Eat Brussels Sprouts Day but also National Hot Chocolate Day. Honestly, I rather eat Brussels sprouts than hot chocolate... but that is just me. Have you ever had baked Brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze drizzled? Yum, that is my favorite! Of course, hot chocolate is delicious as well. I will share a few benefits of eating Brussels sprouts and cacao today. Brussels sprouts are rich in antioxidants, reduce inflammation, high in fiber, lessen the risk of diabetes, and contain anti-cancer compounds. Cacao is the fruit in its raw form before it is processed. Cocoa is usually a powder made from cacao. Cacao is full of flavonoids and antioxidants, reduces inflammation, reduces diabetes risk, lowers the chance of heart disease, and improves blood flow. They have somewhat similar benefits. I think the one thing we have to remember is NOT to consume too much sugar with either Brussels sprouts or hot chocolate. Happy Eat Brussels Sprouts Day and Hot Chocolate Day!! #eathealthy #healthylifestyle #eatvegetables #eatchocolate #remembersugarintake #parkavenuechiropractic #nutritionadvice #everythinginmoderation #mountairychiropractor #newmarketchiropractor #woodbinechiropractor #damascuschiropractor #getadjusted


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