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Preventing Back Pain: Tips for New Parents

A patient called yesterday to be treated for an acute back injury from lifting her baby. Back pain is common for new parents. It is from carrying the baby, nursing the baby, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, etc. Lifting your baby can be especially hard on your spine. You may be lifting 7-10 lbs baby up to 50 times a day. By the time your child is 1 year old, you are lifting and carrying 20 lbs. If you have a baby toddler like mine, you will be lifting a 35 lb child up to 10 times a day. General conditioning and exercising again will help prevent or reduce back pain. Working out those core muscles will be beneficial. Lifting techniques are important, too. Make sure you squat down tighten your core muscles and lift with your legs. Do not stretch your arms out to pick up your baby. To avoid upper back pain caused by breastfeeding, do not bend over to breastfeed. Bring your baby close to your breast and rest your feet on a footstool. Use pillows to keep your spine supported. Also, get routine chiropractic adjustments to prevent injury and keep your spine healthy.

Tips for New Parents | Park Avenue Chiropractic


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