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Snow Shoveling Techniques

Shoveling snow is a common cause of back pain and can exacerbate an existing back condition. It is a very physically straining activity and there are the right ways to shovel snow!

☑️Perform simple stretches before you go outside.

☑️Dress warmly to keep your muscles warm and increase blood flow.

☑️Drink water to avoid the risk of dehydration during strenuous physical activity. This can prevent muscle cramps.

☑️Avoid early mornings or right after waking up from sleep to shovel.

☑️Shovel multiple times during a big snowfall to avoid shoveling deep heavy snow.

☑️Have a sturdy grasp of the hand grips and choose the right size shaft for your height and arm length.

☑️Use a shovel with metal blades.

☑️Spread sand, rock salt, or kitty litter on the sidewalk or driveway to avoid slipping on ice.

☑️Keep the back straight and bend your knees to lift with the leg muscles.

☑️Stabilize your back with core muscles.

☑️Keep the shove's load close to the body.

☑️Take frequent breaks every 10 minutes.

☑️Stretch again when you are done shoveling and drink more water.

☑️Get regular and routine chiropractic care to avoid back injury during strenuous activities including shoveling snow!

Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the beauty of winter❄️


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