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The trapezius/trapezium is one of the major muscles in the neck although these big broad muscles extend from the head and neck to the mid back, and are attached to the collar bone and shoulder blades. Stress, posture, and repetitive work habits increase the prevalence of pain and tight trapezius muscles. Sometimes tight and spasmic upper trapezius muscles can lead to headaches and restriction in the shoulders. There are a few ways to relieve pain and tightness of trapezius muscles. 1) Massage the areas where marked "x"- these are called trigger points. 2) Perform gentle neck stretches. 3) Stop hunching over for too long while sitting. 4) Get chiropractic adjustments for proper joint function and muscle relaxation. Park Avenue Chiropractic can help you relieve pain and spasms in the trapezius by performing myofascial treatment to the trapezius and joint manipulation to the joints that are involved. Additionally, we can show you exercises and stretches to keep yourself healthy moving forward.


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