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Webster Technique

We had a few pregnant patients asking about the Webster Technique. They called the office because they found out that their baby was in breech presentation 2-3 weeks before their due date. The Webster Technique itself DOES NOT turn or flip the breech baby. That being said, the Webster Technique is for ALL pregnant bodies! Not just ones with mal-positioned babies as birth gets closer. Any imbalances in the pelvis and its support structure can contribute to the discomforts of pregnancy.

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic technique performed by specialty-trained providers for pregnant patients. The Webster technique focuses on pelvic and sacral ligaments, muscles, and joints to support neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis. This treatment ensures proper motion of the pelvic joint and reduces tension of the pelvic ligament. When the pelvic joints are able to function and move better, the mother feels more comfortable during pregnancy and experiences easier labor and delivery. This also opens up space in the mother's body creating more room for the baby to turn and position its own. This specialized prenatal chiropractic therapy is gentle and safe for both mother and baby.

Why wait for the pains of pregnancy? You deserve a skilled prenatal chiropractor on your birth team. Call us so we can take care of all of you, pregnant moms!


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